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What is this community about?

This community was made to talk about The Real World on MTV. There are, so far, 17 seasons to discuss! :D

They go as follows:

  • Real World New York

  • Real World Los Angeles

  • Real World San Francisco

  • Real World London

  • Real World Miami

  • Real World Boston

  • Real World Seattle

  • Real World Hawaii

  • Real World New Orleans

  • Real World Back To New York

  • Real World Chicago

  • Real World Las Vegas

  • Real World Paris

  • Real World San Diego

  • Real World Philadelphia

  • Real World Austin

  • Real World Key West

  • Something I'm sure we'll be talking alot about currently...Real World Key West!

    Meet the cast...from top l. to bottom r. John, Janelle, Svetlana, Tyler, Zack, Paula and Jose!



    1. No flaming, no wars, no fighting period. This community was made to discuss MTV's The Real World. Nothing else.
    2. Please do NOT promote your community/journal here. There are set communities on LJ that are made for this specifically. If you have something (ie a community, website, etc) that is RW related, that you'd like to promote, then please contact the Maintainer first before doing so and ask. Community promos that are not pre-approved, and not RW related, will be deleted without warning.
    3. Anything RW related is up for discussion here. Feel free to talk about any of the cast members, shows, past or present - even the challenges that involve RW cast, ANYthing that is RW is welcome here!
    4. If you're going to post anything related to a show that has just aired, PLEASE use an lj-cut. If you're not clear on how, ask in the community or refer to LJ's FAQ. Some people are on east coast time, some on central, some on pacific, and so on...and therefore, not everyone sees the show the same time you do. Please respect that.
    5. Lastly, if you have a question, feel free to contact the maintainer at any time! I'm open to suggestions, if you feel I've missed something important, then let me know!

    Have fun, and post, post, post!